Call for Blog Posts 📣

1) Are you a Žižekian? Do you have fidelity to the Žižek-Event in philosophy?
2) Are you a writer? Do you write about stuff, e.g. products of popular culture?

If both answers are yes, you are invited to contribute to Žižekian Analysis with your blog post.

What do we want?

  • No need to follow Žižek (and his Hegel and his Lacan) literally, it’s sufficient to have fidelity to the Žižek-Event. The author can devise his/her independent line of thought.
  • Texts that are as accessible as Žižek’s texts. A reader of Žižek should be able to follow the text without many problems.
  • Texts that show a writer’s discipline that dialectically synthesizes a sense of purpose with a playful attitude. The text should not consist of random thoughts, but it should also not lack a movement of free association.
  • Texts that analyze fictional worlds, since “truth is structured like a fiction”. But also texts that analyze the “real world”.
  • No hateful language.
  • Not too short, not too long (ideal length is around 5-6 thousand chars).
  • It’s good to include at least one figure/image.

You can submit your text via e-mail:

Please include a short bio. A sentence or a phrase will be enough.


Invitation to contribute to Žižekian Analysis

Dear _____,

You are invited to contribute short texts (blog posts) for the Žižekian Analysis website.

Žižekian Analysis is a publication that aims to:
1) Traverse the current streams of Žižekian thought,
2) Reach the sea of post-Žižekian thought and its future landscape.

The only condition to contribute is the writer’s fidelity to the Žižek-Event in philosophy, which does not designate a complete adherence to a Žižekian system. As Žižek wrote, a real fidelity to something involves a betrayal to it: Traversing Žižek also includes the critiques that lead to a post-Žižek landscape. A dialectical totality also includes its negations. Since valid negations of Žižek are sublations, they are not reasons to dismiss Žižek, they can only add to the universal value of the Žižekian legacy, confirming its evental status. So by fidelity we simply mean the absence of a total ignorance or indifference towards this legacy.

Since its launch in 2018, Žižekian Analysis has published 150+ short texts by multiple writers. It currently has a limited but avid circle of writers and readers. The new invitations aim to widen and strengthen this circle with the possible contributions of significant theorists and philosophers.

Žižekian Analysis is a medium for exchanging gifts of thought, or alternately, a medium to re-authorize each other in these critical times in which the coronavirus pandemic has stripped our social existence down to a virtual skeleton. The historical circumstances generate a need for new Master-Signifiers that can guide new social and political convergences, and “Žižek” is a universal singularity that is suited for this purpose.

Here is the official call for blog posts:

I hope you will heed this appeal and respond to the call. Greetings.

Işık Barış Fidaner
Žižekian Analysis Curator