Hermetic: Herr-matic

Use the angelic scented detergent to wash the names-of-the-father
in the machine and get all your human faculties as clean as a whistle!

The Psychorevolt Liberration Manifesto: Žižek With A Human Face
Or Scrubbing Intersectional Politics With The Psychoanalytic Detergent

woke: Apollonian
intoxicated: Dionysian
certain: Hermetic

[*] [*]

These Turks place a higher value on sexual enjoyment than on anything else, and in the event of sexual disorders they are plunged in a despair which contrasts strangely with their resignation towards the threat of death. One of my colleague’s patients once said to him: “Herr, you must know that if that comes to an end then life is of no value.” (Sigmund Freud, Psychopathology of Everyday Life)



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