What the alien abduction costume stages — Işık Barış Fidaner


The alien abduction costume brilliantly stages how the subject is captivated by the symbolic order.

The upper body that is posturing victimhood in the hands of the alien captor is the conscious imaginary ego with fake legs that would supposedly run to freedom once the alien’s hands would release the person. This ego or “moi” could represent anyone from the ’68 protester to the Trump rioter.

The big green alien body of the captor is the hold of the symbolic order whose fake hands seem to intentionally grab the person whereas it is impossible to unclench them and the infathomable opacity of the captor’s intentions render him/her/it a totally alien Other. This alien Other puts the “suis” in “Je suis moi” (“I am me”).

So who is the “je”? It is the subject of the unconscious that is the actual agent behind the whole scene of captivation. The person’s alien captor is unknowingly steered by the person’s real feet, which stand for his/her unconscious desires.

When a mistake or slip of the tongue or bungled action happens, the imaginary ego complains about his/her alien symbolic captor, but it is eventually revealed that the apparent mistake was in fact an accomplishment by the subject’s own feet that were steering his/her captor albeit relatively unawares.

Thanks to Zeynep Nur Ayanoğlu who shared the video.

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