Žižekian Analysis Quiz 1

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Instructions: Copy this whole text into an e-mail, write your answers and send it to the address below. I’ll evaluate and tell you the result. — IBF

Name: ____________________________________________

Total: 13 pts

Q1(2pts): What are the two terms that describe the roles assigned to men and women by the present gender regime?

Men: __________________     Women: __________________

Q2(2pts): What are the two grounds of the two terms in Q1?

The ground of  __________________  is  __________________ .

The ground of  __________________  is  __________________ .

Q3(2pts): What disrupts the two grounds in Q2?

__________________  disrupts  __________________ .

__________________  disrupts  __________________ .

Q4(3pts): Place the three terms ‘truth’, ‘semblance’, ‘reality’ accordingly.

objet a is  __________________ .

Phallus is  __________________ .

S(Ⱥ) is  __________________ .

Q5(4pts): Describe why entropy is sacrifice.



______________________________________________ .

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