Žižekian Analysis issue #1

Exactly one month ago, I wrote a Call for Blog Posts and now we have a blog-journal called Žižekian Analysis (ŽA) that has already published 16 texts by 9 people from several countries. The variety of the texts reflect a rich and diverse combination of topics. We also did an interview about the journal. I hereby compile these texts into Žižekian Analysis issue #1. I conceive ŽA as a place for Žižekian people to publish and read the analyses they produce. If you want to take part in ŽA, please read and respond to our Call for Blog Posts.

Işık Barış Fidaner

Žižekian Analysis issue #1

October 2018

Interview with the Curator of Žižekian Analysis

How to Repeat Today Marx’s Thesis 11 — Hal Odetta

A Struggle we Cannot Flee From — Georgy Kuruvila Roy

An Inverted Satyagraha — Georgy Kuruvila Roy

BoJack Horseman is serious! — Hal Odetta

Spandrels and… revolution — Doros Georgiou

Rosalind Franklin under Žižekian lens — Hal Odetta

All Work And No Play Makes Dull Mutants — Işık Barış Fidaner

What Happens to Hal? A Žižekian Analysis of Infinite Jest — Colin Eckstein

From Milk to cream: Registering a difference of quality — Işık Barış Fidaner

As Zlatan once said, Zlatan’s the man: A Žižekian analysis of Zlatan Ibrahimovic — Julian Paul Merrill

Don’t be an idiot! Be an imbecile! – towards a Žižekian concept of left political practice — Felipe Aiello

From McDonald’s Monopoly to Political Bipartisanship — Nobu Massiah

Napoleon’s Sex Doll – A Žižekian Analysis — Colin Eckstein

Exigency & Enjoyment for Law & Crime in La Casa De Papel — Işık Barış Fidaner

For a Žižekian-Gramscian Realism: Cutting the balls as a political duty — Caio Gontijo

Big Other and small other in The Distinguished Citizen — Işık Barış Fidaner

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