Žižekian Analysis: Call for Blog Posts

cropped-zizeks011) Are you a Žižekian? Do you have fidelity to the Žižek-Event in philosophy?
2) Are you a writer? Do you write about stuff, e.g. products of popular culture?

If both answers are yes, you are invited to contribute to Žižekian Analysis with your blog post.

What do we want?

  • No need to follow Žižek (and his Hegel and his Lacan) literally, it’s sufficient to have fidelity to the Žižek-Event. The author can devise his/her independent line of thought.
  • Texts that are as accessible as Žižek’s texts. A reader of Žižek should be able to follow the text without many problems.
  • Texts that show a writer’s discipline that dialectically synthesizes a sense of purpose with a playful attitude. The text should not consist of random thoughts, but it should also not lack a movement of free association.
  • Texts that analyze fictional worlds, since “truth is structured like a fiction”. But also texts that analyze the “real world”.
  • No hateful language.
  • Not too short, not too long.
  • It’s good to include at least one figure/image.

You can submit your text via e-mail:

Please include a short bio. A sentence or a phrase will be enough.

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